In Control Vinyl


A Little Bit Of Music
Night in Space
Pursuit of Happiness
Why Do You Try So Hard?
Down the Line
Almost Gone


Product Description

A few years ago a new band appeared on the Austrian music scene. But as we know the road for so called Retro Rock acts in today’s music scene tends to be long and dusty and therefore, during the past two years THE WEIGHT have had to prove their will and stamina: constant touring, countless interviews and many live and studio sessions formed a band that appears to finally be ready for the next bold step that will define their musical career.
Consequently, the new THE WEIGHT record IN CONTROL sounds even more particular than its predecessor. The four musicians wrote music that no longer seems to be regardlessly classifiable. Songs like A Little Bit of Music still breathe the same air as Hard Way from the first album, but one can sense the now completed absence of compromise and dither. “The new record does mirror the events of the past few years. We have grown as men as we’ve done as musicians. I think we wouldn’t have had the guts to record songs like Almost Gone or Down the Line three years ago. Now we do” Therefore, what strikes most about IN CONTROL is the variety of its musical ideas and identities that share a common ground in the work of four individuals to create something that is more than the sum of its parts.

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Release Date: 06.03.2020
Label: Heavy Rhythm & Roll Records (LC57999)
Distributor: Cargo Records


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